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Got Your 6, LLC provides a unique buying experience for the purchase of an individual firearm.

Whether your interests lay in Hunting, Sports Shooting, Competition, Home Defense or just plinking cans out in the middle of the desert, our undivided attention is on you and your needs and not a store full of customers with an overwhelming selection of firearms.

You do your research on the weapon that will fit your specific needs and I order that specific gun for you. That doesn’t mean you are on your own with the wide variety of firearms that are on the market. If you have questions about a particular gun or manufacturer I will be more than happy to research your questions with all of my contacts in the industry to provide you with the answer to your question. This will allow you to make a much more informed purchase.

It has been my experience when shopping for a firearm that the sales person working with me has had their own agenda and that is to sell me the firearm he or she wants to sell me and not necessarily the firearm that I want to buy. That is not an option at Got Your 6.

I am not a “Stocking Dealer” which means I do not have a large inventory of firearms that I have pressure to turnover or quarterly shipments that I have to move in order to have room for additional fulfillment orders. We pride ourselves on one to one service. I do not do anything on any firearm until you tell me what you are looking for. The purchase of a firearm is a very personal decision and it is our goal to aid you in facilitating that purchase.

Our website offers access to all major brands: Beretta; Glock; Sig Sauer; Browning; Walther; Remington; Heckler Koch; Winchester; Century Arms; Daniels Defense; Springfield; Smith and Wesson; Taurus; Rossi; and many more.

We are also an exclusive dealer for Billet Rifle Systems in Southern Nevada. The concept itself is very easy. You tell us what you want, we give you a price (you will never pay retail at Got Your 6) if you agree to it, you will pay, we order it and the gun is available for pickup within a couple of days.

Since I am not a stocking dealer, I have a very low overhead and you will never pay retail or what you would pay at the larger brick and mortar stores.

If you have questions about any particular firearm, give me a call and lets discuss it. I don’t claim to be an expert on every firearm but I can always research anything that you are concerned about and share the information that I gather.

I am also an National Firearms Act Dealer which allows me to deal in Suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles and Machine Guns.

Another service that we offer at Got Your 6, LLC is assistance in Transfers of Firearms. It is illegal for anyone to ship a firearm to an individual. If you have a situation where a family member wishes to send you a firearm, they would have to go to a licensed FFL in their state and then that dealer would have to transfer that firearm to a FFL in the state of Nevada. Most gun stores charge anywhere from $25.00 to $50.00 per firearm for this service, my price is $20.00.

In November of 2016, the state of Nevada passed a bill that stipulated that the exchange of a firearm between two private citizens can not take place unless a form 4473 is completed and a background check is performed. For this service, I charge $20.00 and $25.00 for the background check. My FFL and SOT forms are on the transfer page and available for out-of-state transfers.

I will only sell to Nevada Residents and a Nevada Drivers License will be required prior to any firearms orders.

There is a $25.00 charge for a NCIS Background Check and that fee is collectable at the time of and prior to the delivery of the firearm. When a background check is performed, the background check has three possible determinations; Proceed; Declined; and Hold. In the event of a Hold, the investigating agency has three business days to respond with a decision. If no decision is rendered after three days, it is up to my discretion as to weather the weapon will be distributed.

We look forward to becoming your Go-To-Connection in the purchase of firearms. I am available for any discussion of the proper firearm that you might be looking for, so please feel free to give me a call and lets talk about what you need.

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